alsaseq – ALSA sequencer bindings for Python

alsaseq is a Python 3 and Python 2 module that allows to interact with ALSA sequencer clients. It can create an ALSA client, connect to other clients, send and receive ALSA events immediately or at a scheduled time using a sequencer queue. It provides a subset of the ALSA sequencer capabilities in a simplified model. It is implemented in C language and licensed under the Gnu GPL license version 2 or later.

You may install the current version using pip like this:

pip install alsaseq

You can also get a tarball for manual installation from the alsaseq page in the Python Package Index.

You may install the development version by cloning the alsaseq repository in GitHub with git like this:

git clone
cd alsaseq
python install

Old versions are kept here just for reference:

Version Date
0.4.1 26-Jan-2011
0.4 14-Jan-2011
0.3 05-Jan-2009
0.2.1 02-Dec-2007
0.2 28-Nov-2007
0.1 01-Sep-2007

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